TrimTabs TimeLine

TrimTabs TimeLine
TrimTabs TimeLine

TrimTabs Timeline

July 3

Prototype shipped to Material Conexxions (New York, USA)

February 18

Discussion with ExxonMobil about the TrimTabs process

February 3

TrimTabs accepted to Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) SME accelerator programme (NET Zero Accelerator Programme)

October 1

Feasibility study updated

November 13

PCT Patent application PCT/IB2020/061056

November 1

US Provisional Patent application 62/940,304

July 1

Scientific publication describing the ability to make conductive nanotubes from black plastic[1]

May 1

TrimTabs ltd is incorporated in Companies House

August 9

PCT Patent application PCT/IB2019/054792

August 1

US provisional patent application US 62/682,291