Our Story And Vision

Innovative nanotube


Transforming plastic waste into a highly valued commodity across industries

Our materials are environmentally friendly and by using them you are positively contributing to the environment. Our products are made by recycling plastics into carbon nanomaterials.



To lead industries with advanced
technology that puts an end to
unnecessary carbon waste

We exist to create the small changes that will make a significant impact for decades to come - by leading the adoption of nanotube technology that not only eradicates waste but converts it into something financially lucrative and of considerable environmental benefit too.

Our Team

We've a team of chemical engineering and business
development experts

Alvin Orbaek White

Founder and Director

PhD in chemistry specialising in the growth and application of carbon nanomaterials

Researched the production of carbon nanotubes for high-efficiency electricity transmission

Has developed a system to valorise plastics for feedstock

Andrew Barron

Board Member

C-level experience in different roles since 1992

Studied nanoparticles and leads various academic/business research groups

Authored over 550 papers and six books on science and engineering

Ann Gitte Oerbaek

Board Member

Director of a business consultancy company

Managed a €12m private investment fund

Director of a scientific research company with research into nanotechnology

Fintan O’Hagan

Board Member

Financial specialist

Tax partner in an accountancy and tax practice

Has held non-executive directorships in the petroleum and financial sectors

Corporate law and governance expertise